MOVA® CONTOUR Facial Capture

Markerless Motion Capture

  • Highest resolution facial capture available
  • Markerless system allows for free movement and true performances
  • Capture subtle skin deformation as geometry
  • Capture FACS poses/Face Shapes in motion
  • Capture and track eye position
  • Contour capture session includes all personnel and equipment rental
  • Full casting services available
  • SMPTE Sync

Raw Data Services

  • Track from 250 to 10,000 data points
  • Point layout decided after capture—add detail only where needed
  • All major 3D formats—Maya®, MotionBuilder™, 3ds Max®, Unreal® and more

Applied Data Services

  • High resolution custom meshes
  • Conformed to your mesh or applied to your rig
  • Custom rigging to optimize your CG head for Contour data

Photoreal Animation Services

  • From exact performer CG replicas to retargeted CG faces
  • From real-time game-engine faces to cinema-resolution faces
  • Humans, creatures, and anything in between