MOVA® CONTOUR Facial Capture


  • Over 100,000 polygons captured per scene
  • Your optimal number of points tracked
  • Sub-millimeter precision
  • No surface offset
  • Consistently tracked 3D geometry frame-to-frame, shot-to-shot
  • Synchronizes with SMPTE time-code
  • 24-120fps, 2-256 cameras


  • Markerless setup: just apply makeup and go
  • No lockdown. Performers move freely within capture volume.
  • Retarget motion from any actor onto multiple characters, whether realistic or stylized
  • Portable system can be set up at any light-sealed stage, anywhere!


  • 3D production tools
    • Autodesk® Maya®, MotionBuilder® & 3ds Max®
    • Applications compatible with OBJ, C3D, Autodesk Point Cache 2 files, meshes, joints or bones
  • Game Engines
    • Unreal® and others
  • Simultaneous marker-based capture